SWINDON Borough Council will ask the government to bring in tougher regulations on fireworks.

The cabinet member responsible for public safety, Cathy Martyn, will write a letter requesting a law that restricts fireworks being sold to the public to quieter than 90 decibels.

Councillor Steve Heyes was behind the move and had his vote backed unanimously by councillors this week.

Coun Heyes said: “This motion builds upon an RSPCA campaign to make people more aware of the issues with fireworks.

“For many people they are exciting and fun, but for animals they can be terrifying and for many people as well, especially those who suffer with PTSD. They can trigger traumatic flashbacks.”

With lockdown meaning public displays were cancelled this year, there are estimates that sales of fireworks to private individuals would triple.

Coun Heyes' motion said public displays should be be well publicised in advance and encourages the sellers of fireworks to offer low-noise explosives, as well as the letter to the government.

Coun Martyn said: “I am happy to support this and I will work with Coun Heyes on the drafting of the letter.”