A nervous pup is looking for a calm and comfortable home after being rescued.

Carmen is currently being fostered by Sandra Juretzki after she arrived from kennels in Spain but SNDogs isn't sure why she is so nervous.

Sandra believes that Carmen will get used to a new family, but it could take some time.

She said: "She's a really nervous dog. She's literally petrified of anything and everything.

"She's only been with me since Monday and she was hiding under the table for 24 hours.

"I had to carry her into the garden and all sorts. I managed to get her out and she's warmed up a bit.

"She's fine walking in a quiet field but we've not managed a road walk yet. Any noise or movements and she'll freeze, but we're working on it."

But her nervous personality doesn't stop Carmen from being a normal dog.

Sandra added: "She's lovely, she will come to you for cuddles but on her terms.

"She loves her food and even the kitchen counter doesn't stop her.

"I do think it's a quieter family household she would need. So no younger children and she would benefit from having another dog with her.

"That would help her a lot."

Anyone interested in giving Carmen a home should visit sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog and fill out the application form.

SNDogs is a foster organisation based in Pinehurst, which looks after and finds homes for rescued dogs and those whose owners have had to give them up.