Friends in Hull, Oxford and Kosovo are looking for your help in collecting memories from a Trowbridge school.

The Trinity Boys School opened on April 5 1873 in Park Street and an infant’s school was added in 1892.

It was brought together with the National School in Back Street in 1923 and the Park Street site was used for boys and infants.

It was then transferred to Wiltshire County Council in 1931 as an elementary school and closed in 1940 when the junior pupils moved to Newtown and the senior to the secondary modern. In 1948 the building re-opened as an annex to Newtown School and known as Park Street School.

It was here that Martyn Chalk, who now lives in Hull, attended as a child.

He was recently sorting through old boxes and came across a class photo. He shared the image with a couple of fellow pupils, Jane Hope in Oxford and Bob Charmbury in Kosovo.

The trio have kept in contact for nearly 70 years, and despite the long period of time since they were all in Trowbridgde, they have between identified many of the faces in the class photo picture. They think the photo dates from 1953 or 1954 when they were in Mrs Rodway`s.class It was taken outside the Park Street Annexe of Newtown Junior School in Trowbridge.

Mr Chalk is now hoping other former pupils can help "fill in the gaps" and name all the faces in the photo.

He said: "I came across a pile of photographs I hadn't seen in years - it was quite amazing to see those faces again.

"I shared the photo with some former classmates an we put together names of the class and began to remember stories. It was amazing how one memory lead to another.

"I remember my schooling rather well. I was a rather timid child, and remember Park Street as being quite a pompous school, I tihnk the headmaster rather wanted it to be a private school."

Mr Chalk left school in 1962.

If you can help identify the faces in the class photo, then please email and we can pass on your details to Mr Chalk, Mr Charmbury and Mrs Hope.