Pupils at a North Swindon school have been told to self-isolate after two positive Covid-19 cases.

All Year 9 pupils and select Year 8 pupils at Abbey Park School have been told to stay home for two weeks after the school was told about the cases late yesterday evening. 

Headteacher Jon Young said: "We've had two pupils test positive and we are following the existing guidance around stopping the spread.

"The year 9 bubble and a number of specific pupils in year 8 have been asked to isolate for the safety of others."

In October, 36 pupils and nine members of staff were asked to self-isolate after a member of staff tested positive for the virus, but Mr Young is keen to assure parents that there is no further threat. 

He added: "We were informed late yesterday evening and we believe we've followed the correct guidelines we have in place. 

"We have followed the department of education guidance, we have students in bubbles, we have regular hand sanitising, seating plans in place and classrooms well ventilated which will mitigate against the spread. 

"We don't have concerns and at this point, it's a difficult and worrying time in our community but we're trying our best to continue education for pupils. 

"And for the students being asked to isolate there is remote learning which has already been put in place."