Opposition to Brexit higher than ever

Unsurprisingly, opposition to Brexit has reached a new high!

Fifty one per cent of the population now say that, in hindsight, Britain was wrong to leave the European Union and now only 38 per cent per cent say it was right.

The 13-point gap is the largest ever recorded by YouGov (November 16).

Possibly more significant are the findings among those who will - unless it is reversed - suffer the consequences of Brexit the longest. Even though most of them did not even have a vote in 2016!

Nearly 70 per cent of 18 to 24-year olds indicate that they think it was wrong - outnumbering by four to one those in that age group saying it was the right decision (just 17per cent).

Only among the over-65s is there a majority still supporting Brexit.....

No-one expects a deal to reflect the vague and outlandish promises made by Boris Johnson’s “Vote Leave” campaign four years ago. But, expect instead Brexit opposition and 'RE-JOIN EU ASAP' calls to grow across all age groups.

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road


Protect NHS from 'rapacious' US firms

An open letter to Robert Buckland: Please protect NHS from post Brexit US trade deal.

Please vote in Parliament for the upcoming amendment that protects our NHS from trade deals as well as the amendment that gives MPs the power to scrutinise trade deals.

In July, all but two of your Conservative party's MPs voted against protecting the NHS in trade deals, and all but 12 Conservative MPs voted against giving our elected representatives the power to scrutinise trade deals. amendments soon.

Labour had tried to insert a passage - New Clause 17 - into the Trade Bill to provide explicit protection for the NHS in negotiations after Brexit.

Shadow Trade Minister Bill Esterson called for the cast-iron commitment, to stop US firms bidding for services or negotiating on drug prices.

He added: "The threat to our NHS is right at the top of the list."

MPs will get another opportunity to vote on those soon!

You must know that American healthcare firms are rapacious, routinely bankrupting patients who become seriously ill.

American drug prices are extortionate, and so far we have been strong enough within the European regulatory sphere to maintain strict price controls, which many other countries follow. With over nine percent of NHS services already privately sourced, some to these very same American companies, we don't want to jump even further into the arms of these greedy privateers.

As a recipient of a hip replacement 7 years ago after just a seven months wait under Labour, I now find myself on the list for my other hip to be replaced, yet have been warned I may face a much longer wait now.

I would therefore ask: Please Robert, find the humanity and courage within yourself to defy the whip this time.

Let's not go down this most 'un British' of routes into the American health nightmare after we let go of our links to the European Single Market.

Steve Rouse