A SECOND Trowbridge pensioner has come forward to complain that she is being hounded by TV Licensing having paid for a television licence.

Last week, we reported on Trowbridge pensioner Avril Fisher’s three-month battle with TV Licensing to obtain a licence, having paid £157.50 for one in mid-October.

Now Jennifer Selby, 75, says she received a renewal notice dated October 31 and paid £157.50 by cheque on October 19.

“Everything was tickety boo except that as it came up to October 31 I kept getting email reminders on my computer.

“I checked with my bank and found that my cheque had been cashed on November 13,” said Mrs Selby, of St Thomas’ Road, Trowbridge.

“But I just kept getting reminders on my computer to say that I hadn’t got a licence. I have tried to contact them by phone and by email. I have tried everything I can.

“But nothing happened. I never got through. I have just been left in limbo and they are still chasing me. I have wasted more time on this than you would believe.

“Then on Saturday, I got a renewal notice reminder through. I have told them that I posted my cheque to TV Licensing in Darlington with the details on the back, exactly as they asked. It is very specific.

“I have photocopies of everything that I have sent and now I’m living in fear that I’m going to be sent a letter threatening prosecution.

“I am so worried about this I actually contacted my local MP, Dr Andrew Murrison to see if he can help.”

Mrs Selby also received an email response from TV Licensing to say that she is unlicensed, they have no valid record of her name and address, and have not received her cheque.

A spokeswoman for TV Licensing said: “We are sorry for the delay Mrs Selby has experienced in setting up her licence and can confirm that the licence has now been issued.”