TV presenter and car expert James May compared driving along muddy tracks in Madagascar to road conditions in the centre of Swindon.

In an interview with the BBC for their latest special, entitled 'A Massive Hunt', May and his Grand Tour colleagues Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond spoke about their quest to find treasure on an island near the African coast.

In one part of the 90-minute episode, the trio have to travel along a treacherous path which brought back bad memories of the Magic Roundabout for Mr May.

He said: "In terms of trying to get your car to the end, we honestly thought near the beginning of filming that we simply weren't going to be able to do it.

"I've never driven on a road that difficult to simply negotiate.

"It's worse than the centre of Swindon, with all those mini roundabouts. You could spend the rest of your life there if you're not careful."

"It's extraordinary that it's actually marked on a map as a thing you can drive a vehicle on," Jeremy Clarkson added.

"I'm not surprised the Madagascans threw the French out if that was their idea of a road, because it just isn't one."