PEOPLE in Rodbourne have been asked for feedback on plans to improve the area's road network.

Swindon Borough Council sent letters to neighbours and businesses based in and around Rodbourne Road and Kemble Drive to ask them to fill out a survey to help inform a road improvement plan.

As part of the Rodbourne Area Action Plan, which hopes to ease traffic congestion, the council last year commissioned a feasibility study to look at how traffic could flow more easily on Rodbourne Road at the Bruce Street Bridges junction.

The study looked at the impact of introducing an additional lane northbound from Rodbourne Road on to Great Western Way at the Bruce Street Bridges junction.

A preferred scheme has now been identified which is expected to provide additional road capacity while retaining the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing and a loading bay to serve nearby businesses.

A recommended scheme involves creating an extra lane on the Rodbourne Road northbound approach to Kemble Drive, and widening the Rodbourne Road/Kemble Drive junction to allow three lanes at the stop line of the southern arm of the Bruce Street Bridges junction

The loading layby will be retained along with the footway and pedestrian crossing.

Traffic modelling has indicated that this would improve traffic flow and will have a big benefit on journey times along Rodbourne Road northbound during the weekday and evening peaks, as well as along Kemble Drive.

Coun Maureen Penny, cabinet member for highways, said: “Today we have written to residents and businesses in the area to ask for their feedback on the improvement plans.

“This improvement scheme has been designed to reduce congestion and improve journey times, while maintaining provision for loading and unloading for the adjacent businesses.

“I would like to thank everybody who has been involved with developing it and I eagerly await feedback from local people before we proceed.”

Coun Kevin Small, ward councillor for Mannington and Western and Rodbourne resident, said: “Ward councillors welcome the consultation and the proposed changes to the layout to the Bruce Street Bridges roundabout system.

“The extra lane by the Methodist Church will help to improve access onto the roundabout and reduce the length of queuing cars on Rodbourne Road. While this will not solve the traffic congestion issues in full, it is a welcome contribution to resolving the matter.”

The deadline for responses is Friday December 18. The council will consider all feedback.