A warning has been issued to be aware of so called 'Nottingham Knockers' across Wiltshire this week.

Nottingham Knockers are doorstep callers who offer a selection of household products for sale. They are often ex-convicts who claim to be part of a rehabilitation scheme which probably doesn't exist.

Police have received multiple reports from residents in Pewsey, Lavington and Potterne about the scammers.

Devizes Police have posted on Facebook: "They will initially appear polite, show you some form of ID and will always carry a very large holdall full of household items, such as dusters, polish and other cleaning items, which they will try to sell to you at an inflated price. However, their story is not correct and the ID they show you is fake.

"They are committing the offence of "Peddling without a license" and we would ask you to not buy anything from them, politely close the door and call 101 to report them to us, ideally with a direction of travel and registration plate of any vehicles involved.

"The name originates from Nottingham as this is where the early gangs originated from. However, they now tend to come from the Cleveland area and will visit southern counties in groups, staying in nearby accommodation for the week.

"Thus, it is possible they will return to our area today (November 3)

"They are known to sell the addresses of vulnerable residents to rogue traders who could then become a repeat victim. If you have any elderly or vulnerable neighbours, please make them aware that they may well receive a knock on their door this week."

A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman added: “We’d urge anyone who receives a visit from these people to politely decline, shut the door and report to us. "Please do check on elderly or vulnerable relatives or neighbours and make them aware of this type of crime.”

You can report all incidents via 101.