Need to cut greenhouse emissions from homes

I have previously written to you about the failure of house builders to include solar panels in all new build housing.

At last, I can congratulate one developer, Newlands Home at Skylark Meadow, Blunsdon for including solar panels on some of its houses.

However, there is still a problem in that not all houses have solar panels and many do not have southerly-facing rooves.

Given that 16 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK (2018 figures) are from residential sources, it is important that policies are adopted to reduce this element of UK emissions if the Government’s carbon-targets are to be met.

I propose that all new build, both commercial and residential, should include, as standard, solar panels as well as facilities for storage batteries and car-charging points in garages.

In addition, I propose that all new build applications must provide a sustainability assessment statement which would need to be assessed and approved prior to planning permission being granted.

Such a statement would have to address the total carbon impact of both infrastructure as well as the building itself.

While this would not reduce emissions from existing properties, at least it would ensure that all future developments will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions impact.

I hope that Swindon Borough Council could adopt such policies in granting future planning permissions, especially for the New Eastern Villages

Tony Mayer


Haydon Wick

Draconian cleaning measures at pubs

After the recent lockdown ended on the fourth of July I entered three local licensed premises.The White Hart, then the Messenger as they consecutively opened.

Finally my local drinking habitat the Coleview Community Centre.

Visiting the three premises I was astounded at their draconian actions regarding government rules. The amount of expense it must have cost, and careful cleanliness with waiter service was immaculate at all three premises .

My point Buffoon Boris, as well as Mr Tomlinson and Mr Buckland?

Why have they all been put into Tear two, sorry Tier two?

The British pub is a way of life I have inhabited at weekends over my lifetime. Meeting friends, humorous banter, football arguments, agreed Gentlemen, a bit of gossip as well.

I admit Ladies we indulge as well. As well as the start of many lifetime romances. Everyone agreed on that one?

Now I, and my nation have been denied that privilege.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way