Stop international arrivals

As we are forced into yet another period of lockdown it is surely pertinent ask why aeroplanes will still be allowed to bring people into the country.

Surely we have learned the lesson that lockdown means no unnecessary movement, especially from overseas

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive

Death penalty return

An open letter to Robert Buckland: You will, no doubt, be aware that the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is now scoping for the return of the death penalty.

I would be interested to learn whether she asked you, as Secretary of State for Justice, for your advice on the matter.

Furthermore, in any event, I would be grateful if you could let me and, indeed, your other South Swindon constituents know whether you support the return of the death penalty and, if so, why.

I am sure that I do not have to remind you that, today, there are just over 100 capital punishment abolitionist countries, nearly 50 abolitionist-in-practice countries (where no executions have taken place for at least ten years) and only around 35 retentionist countries.

In the "democratic West", only America continues to execute human beings. (various sources, inc. Wikipedia)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Cowdry.

Saddleback Road


Crane picture triggered construction memories

A wry smile crossed my face as I read 'A bright future for town centre' and 'The sight of a massive crane looming over the town centre was enough to get people talking'.

A career in construction began for me in the mid '60s as a site engineer for Terson, a London construction company, on Debenhams and the tower block over, which can just be seen in the top left hand corner of the image accompanying the article.

At the time of joining, the piling was complete and the two tower crane bases were under construction, within the shop area, to the south of the office tower.

Terson also completed the multi-storey car parks either side and bridging College St, the Spring Gardens one being visible mid picture, which had a tower crane apiece.

There was also a tower crane at the time, across the road, for construction of the police station tower by Dudley Coles Long, if memory serves.

At peak, in the late 60's, early 70's it was possible to count 12 tower cranes all working on various sites in Swindon, at the same time.

For the writer's part, as site engineer to site agent, before working overseas in the late 70's, I had also been involved on the 1st phase Brunel Centre and Aspen House Temple Street locally, both utilising tower cranes, together with multi tower crane sites in London and Basingstoke.

The article and image did not over impress, however did exercise me to put pen to paper, er........fingers to keyboard!

Henry Smith

Whitefield Crescent