Adver readers are calling for more shops to be closed during the third national lockdown.

The lockdown rules mean that all non-essential shops should close unless operating a click and collect service.

Cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants must also close unless operating a takeaway or delivery service.

But Adver readers believe some town centre shops have remained open despite being ‘non-essential’.

Shops open in Swindon’s shopping centre include Poundland, Iceland, American Candy and Holland & Barrett.

When asked why it was still open, American Candy employee Farhan Ummer told the Adver it sold essential foods and had the correct permits to remain open.

Other stores still open in the town includes outdoor shop Go Outdoors. When approached for a comment about why it was still open, the company did not respond.

On its website, Go Outdoors says: “Our Swindon store is open with social distancing measures in place to protect our customers and staff.

“Please be prepared to queue if asked, and follow all guidelines once in the store.”

Readers have debated why shops such as Go Outdoors or American Candy should remain open with many calling for only supermarkets to stay operating.

One reader, Liz Martin, said: “How can this be lockdown?

“An awful lot of these shops are no way essential on any level.”

Paul Jones agreed saying: “This ain’t a lockdown, it’s a shame.

“What Boris should have said was this is a “full lockdown” and everything except food or medical shops should be closed.”

And Tanya Dinan added: "You wonder why Covid is so high.

"It’s simple. Just because they are open you doesn’t mean you need to go.

"Why go and put yourself and others at risk for goodness sake?

"Keep away. If people continue we will never get rind of the virus."

But Victoria Katon-Cornock believes the shops still open could be essential to some people.

She said: "If you are buying other things from an “essential shop” i.e. paint, wallpaper, etc, I don’t really think it’s anybody’s business what your buying.

"If you're purchasing it from an “essential shop” what’s the problem?

"Essential to you might not be someone else’s essential.

"Anything to keep you sane during lockdown 3."