Workers at Great Western Hospital are facing “extreme pressures” during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sharon Keene is a regulatory and compliance manager at the GWH and helped with the distribution of letters to vulnerable people in Swindon

She said: “We know that Covid-19 can make people very unwell and have seen the effects of this across our organisation – both from the number of patients admitted with severe health concerns and for the staff treating them.

“It is really important for these people, as well as for our own friends and families, that everybody does their bit to slow the spread of infection. 

"It’s been a really difficult year and our staff have faced extreme pressures as our services have been tested in ways we’ve never seen before.” 

As a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Sharon has supported staff who have felt concerned and overwhelmed. 

She added: “It has been such a challenging year, and we have all worked in new and completely unknown ways to ensure every patient who has come through our doors this year has received the care they need.”