SUPERMARKET staff in Swindon say the actions of shoppers are putting them in danger.

Some say they have been verbally abused when asking customers to stick to the measures in place.

One worker, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that people are blatantly ignoring the rules.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook….

Tim Toomey: “People’s attitudes to Covid means it will be with us a long time!”

Michelle Newton Mitchell: “I have friends who work in supermarkets who say the public have been appallingly rude and aggressive...then they should be removed from the manners, no shopping.”

Souad Bouterfas: “People are appallingly rude.

“Every day being nasty to each other arguing on news articles, everyone is dealing with issues and instead of being nasty we just need to be a bit more mindful and actually pay attention to what is going on whilst sit here arguing on social media when in actual fact stop challenging friends, challenge the government who have massively messed up and are profiting at our misery and expense, the cruelty they are inflicting on the poor and so on.”

Rachel Joanne Bâri: “Stop taking the whole family for shopping!

“Supermarkets are treated as a family outing. Yes, some need to take their kids, for example single parents, but when there are two adults, one should stay home or head to the park with the kids.”

Maria Curtis: “I am a store manager, and the abuse is rife from verbal to physical. This is weekly myself and my staff are not paid for this.

"Think before you assume, we want to challenge customers... it is plain and simply our job to insure we follow health and safety”

Samantha Williams: “If people can’t wear masks for whatever reason, they could wear the plastic face shield maybe.”

Michele Brown: “My husband worked in a big supermarket before lockdown (he’s since left) and had a horrible incident with a guy - his family were with him while he shouted, swore and threatened to punch my husband and eventually the store manager banned the guy from the store.

“It makes me think if people were capable of this behaviour in a normal world, it’s definitely become a hundred times worse in Covid times and anyone who crosses the line in any way regarding following the Covid rules - which are there for a reason- or for being aggressive towards both staff or other customers should immediately be dealt with.

“There’s too much uncertainty in different places as to how to deal with these incidents but now that hopefully everyone has finally woken up and seen how dangerous things potentially can be, then maybe it will calm down a bit. “I’ve witnessed confrontations in places where clearly there are social distancing markings, but if there’s not then just use your common sense!”

Sarah-Ellen Benjamin: “I work in a pasty shop, and the amount of abuse we received for simply asking people to wear their masks correctly was unreal.

“You would think the pandemic was just starting, not nearly a year in and so many people would laugh and be like ‘I forgot my mask’ how can you forget it now, take it seriously too many people have died now.

"I honestly don’t blame the supermarkets for banning people.”

Angie Kearns: “I think abusive customers should be escorted out and banned from returning. No excuse.”

Leon Vernon: “People who work in shops and alike should not be enforcing masks.”

Keely Louise Major said: “We ask our customers politely, It sure wouldn’t hurt to simply be polite in response.”

Navjeet Lehl: “This doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Marie Withers said: “I think no mask, no entry. If you genuinely feel you can’t wear a mask, then get your shopping delivered!

"Nobody else should be put at risk from you.”