Honda will be closing its Swindon plant for four days next week.

Workers at the South Marston plant were told some production would have to be suspended between January 18 and 21 because of supply issues thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A spokesman for Honda said: "Honda of the UK Manufacturing has confirmed to employees that some production activities will not run Monday 18 to Thursday 21 January due to Covid-related global supply issues."

The spokesman added the company is monitoring the situation and the factory aims to restart production on January 22.

Honda has experienced a number of issues with supply recently. 

In December it warned of a production delay after hold-ups involving car parts in the UK ports. 

And this month the Japanese car manufacturer had to pause production again because of "global supply delays".

The Swindon site currently employs around 3,000 people and creates up to 150,000 new cars a year, but will close permanently in July 2021.