White supremacist Biffs

Far right and white supremacist pundits in the US, and their echoes on this side of the pond look a little like that Biff Tannen character in the Back to the Future films saying, “I hate manure” as he finds his behaviour has left him covered in it.

Some of them are saying, “What me?”, as ordinary people point at them in horror.

Like their hero, Trump, they have long been characterised by their compulsive lying; saying things like antifascists are responsible for dozens of deaths while the figures show that between 1994 and July 2020 the number killed in antifascist attacks was zero, while the far right killed 329.

But it is quite remarkable to witness the somersaulting Trump supporters in one breath telling TV cameras how proud they were to turn up at the Capitol building with guns, zip ties and pipe bombs to smash their way in, while in the next breath saying it wasn’t Trump supporters at all but Antifa.

Peter Smith

Woodside Avenue

Lure of online shopping

I do assume that many people have the same online experience as myself.

I have ordered shoes/boots/slippers over a period of time with a retailer who does have a shop in Chippenham, but I am receiving two e-mails per day to tempt me with 20 per cent off etc. That most recent is ‘Chris, you may be interested in a pair of ‘Tiny Tots’ boots’.

Why? It also stated that I may be interested in a pair of ‘Yellow Football Boots’ sizes 6-11. Do I need football boots at nearly 79 years of age?

Also, after purchasing a case of 1400 various Wood Screws I am bombarded with e-mails showing my interest in screws and giving me some purchasing options!

Thankyou, but I already have enough screws to secure all of the doors in Purton!

I have also ordered a soap dish from a plumbing firm and now I get offers of % off of, Taps, showers, basins, bidets, and a choice of about 100 toilet roll holders, plus many other offers!

I have ordered books, so now I get the offers of various books from many different Authors! How many books can I read? Books on ‘Mindfulness’!

How will that help dilute the many emails I wonder? And yet, not one book entitled ‘How to easily unsubscribe’!

I have also purchased some ‘Disinfecting wipes’ and now it seems like I will need more, even though I have disinfected all of the doors in Proud Close and still have plenty left!

Ah! Now I have it! ‘Unsubscribe’!

Chris Gleed

Proud Close