Debt of gratitude

Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending the Steam museum for my first Covid vaccination and what an experience.

From the car park attendants to the lady who administered the vaccine, everyone was so very kind, friendly, efficient and helpful.

The icing on the cake was that my own doctor from the Merchiston surgery was there disinfecting the chairs, where we sat for the 15 minutes afterwards.

All in all, it really was a very pleasant experience (and I didn't feel a thing!)

I am 90 years old and hopefully will survive for a few more years yet, thanks to our wonderful NHS and all the people in it who give so much.

My father worked in the GWR in Swindon, and as a family we were lucky enough to benefit from the GWR Medical Fund, in Milton Road, which is now the health hydro.

As we know the NHS was later modelled on this and I for one feel a debt of gratitude.

June Coates,

Lower Stratton

Easy vaccination

My wife and I went for our covid vaccinations at the Steam Museum on Friday and we would just like to express our thanks to everyone involved.

The whole operation was very well organised right from our arrival at the barrier to the car park.

We were then directed all the way through to the actual process of the vaccinations and on to the 15 minute resting time area.

It was all very well staffed and everyone was very efficient in what they were doing.They were all very helpful, and it made the whole process safe and easy to follow.

Our sincere thanks to you all and we look forward to our second visit in about 10 weeks time.

Mike & Viddya Large


A credit to the country

I just have to write to our paper the Swindon Advertiser to express my thanks and admiration, not only for all the nurses and all other front line workers who so deserve our thanks for everything they have done under such trying conditions for nearly a year but also to the smiling (behind masks) organisers and the many volunteers who are giving the Covid Injections.

Today it was my wife’s and my turn to go to STEAM for ours and the organisation, the helpfulness, the friendliness of the volunteers started outside the building in the cold, with guides ensuring we went the right way, then inside to register seamlessly, we were then escorted to a table where our details were rechecked and noted and the injection given so professionally before being shown to a chair to await our 15 minute health check time.

Even the car parking was free of charge with very clear signage.

Thank you to everyone involved, you are a credit to the country and to Swindon in particular.

Peter & Peggy Goldsworthy

Greywethers Avenue

This Vicious Virus

Oh, Covid 19, where are you now?

You are far too small to be seen.

We know you have caused serious sickness and death

Everywhere you have been.

We know that you travel from person to person,

Being carried by some who are not ill.

So, when we get close to anyone else.

It is our breath that really could kill.

So, vaccination is now under way;

Some positive news – at last!

But we still must not let down our guard

Till the pandemic is truly ‘past’.

Malcolm Morrison,

Prospect Hill

Old Town