Not a real lockdown

I wonder if I am mistaken, as I thought that the country was in lockdown but I don’t really see any evidence of it, compared with the initial lockdown. So, am I mistaken?

My Wife and myself have stayed indoors, but I see that some people have travelled many miles to various places, like travelling from Wales to Lacock in their hordes. Travelling to Devizes for a McDonalds etc. Some brainless individuals have said “We don’t see the news and didn’t realise that there was a pandemic." So they haven’t even heard people talking about it!

Friends who are working have said that they see no difference in the amount of traffic around.

I think our biggest problem is that people have made the situation much worse by ignoring the rules and the sooner we bring them to account, the better.

We saw quite a few cars around Malmesbury Primary Care Centre on Wed but they, like us, were all going to receive their vaccines. That, like Steam was so well organised that one realises that the Government and local health practitioners have such a vast logistical problem to sort out from, Notifying, Parking, Initial Booking in, having the vaccine, resting etc, and then advising on the second dose.

All of those extra resources have to be arranged, plus the delivery of vaccines!

For all of those that condemn the Government for many issues within this context, there is no way that I condemn anyone! Even Kier Starmer has offered solutions but cannot say how he would fund them and always evades the issue. Like many politicians really.

This pandemic is the worst thing to happen in years, so would other forms of government do any better? I really doubt it!

When you have many people disobeying government guidance, you wonder what the mentality of many people is!

Follow the rules or receive a really heavy fine. Any person that I know who refuses to have the vaccine, I will disassociate myself with! Many practitioners have received it and that means that they have confidence in it!

I know from many years on this earth, that vaccines do work! There must be something lacking to ignore that fact and refuse the vaccination!

That’s my opinion, and others may disagree but that doesn’t mean that I am wrong. We have lost friends through it so realise that it is very, very serious indeed.

Make a lockdown’ a lockdown.

Chris Gleed

Proud Close


RNIB here to help

It’s understandable that many of us are feeling down and in need of a little extra emotional support.

The situation is especially challenging for more than two million people in the UK living with sight loss. Many have faced anxiety, sadness and fear about the unique challenges they have experienced – problems social distancing, difficulty shopping without guidance and isolation from losing tactile contact with friends and family.

That’s why the Royal National Institute of Blind People launched emergency mental health sessions for local blind and partially sighted people in October. The sessions are free and offer people the opportunity to speak to a counsellor for an hour over the phone about how they are feeling and any problems that are on their mind.

We know the next few months might be tough so we want to remind you that RNIB is here to help. If you or someone you know could benefit from speaking to someone, please call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999. We can set up a chat within 36 hours. 

Amanda Hawkins

Specialist Lead for Counselling and Wellbeing