Israel's role in UK's vaccine programme

I daresay many people don't know the role that Israel has played in our brilliant roll out of the Covid 19 vaccination programme here in the UK.

After consultation between the UK government and Israeli health officials (up to ministerial level) the UK revolutionised the country's vaccination programme by copying Israel's Covid 19 vaccine model.

UK vaccine deployment minister Nadhim Zahawi speaking recently in the House of Commons praised the Israeli vaccination program saying..."I commend the Israeli Government for the stellar job (of vaccinations)....and we have a lot to learn."

Yes, we should absolutely applaud the brilliant work of the scientists who have applied their God given ability to creating the vaccine.

But may we also remember the role that Israel has played in enabling many millions to be vaccinated in this country against this dreadful disease in record numbers and in record time.

My hope is that by highlighting this fact that people will start to look at Israel in a different light.

For too long Israel has endured deliberate lies and misrepresentation from those whose only desire is to see her destroyed.

Steve Jack,

Parsonage Court,


Don't cut Covid aid

This week what most of us sensed was officially confirmed, our economy has seen its largest fall ever. As a result, many are struggling here in Wiltshire as well as the rest of the country.

Wiltshire has as a result already 1,000 extra children qualifying for free school meals. Record numbers of our neighbours are furloughed, or now rely on Universal Credit. Both of these vital support mechanisms ‎may well be withdrawn in the case of the former or cut in the case of the latter. Loans taken by businesses in order to survive, now face imminent deadlines for the start of repayments.

The Government must think again. None of this much needed help must be cut. Too many of Wiltshire's hospitality, visitor attractions, leisure and other businesses are on their knees and need the continued help. Too many local people and families simply cannot make ends meet.

Every job saved and business helped to survive will repay the help given through their taxes in the months and years to come‎. Now is not the time to cut, it is the time to maintain and sustain this much needed, vital help.

Dr Brian Mathew

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Wiltshire

& Wiltshire Councillor

Unfair time limit on historic abuse claims

It can take many years for someone who has suffered sexual abuse as a child to tell a soul about what happened, let alone consider either reporting it to the police or contemplating a compensation claim. This can be because of feelings of fear, shame, guilt and deep anxiety about the possibility of not being believed. But survivors of historical child sexual abuse are expected to overcome all these hurdles to find their voices and then find the courage to make their claims within three years after they reach the age of 18.

The law must recognise that these claims will almost always be brought late. Judges do have some discretion to allow cases to run after the time limit, but the uncertainty about getting the case heard can make things too overwhelming for a survivor. Many simply cannot face the fight and give up on pursuing the compensation which can help put their lives back on track.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has looked at this issue and is due to publish its final report this year. I hope its recommendations include the abolition of this exceptionally unfair time limit.

Sam Elsby


Association of Personal Injury Lawyers