Prezzo has announced it will be closing its Swindon restaurant permanently. 

The Regent Circus branch is one of 22 Italian eateries which will close across the country. Around 200 jobs are said to be at risk, although it is not known how many of those are in Swindon. 

Cain International only acquired Prezzo last December after it was rescued from administration.

It is understood the company filed for insolvency after failing to reach an agreement with landlords over rent payments.

The closure of the restaurant marks another loss for the Regent Circus development, which has seen Morrisons and Coal Bar and Grill depart over the past two years. 

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Stephen Bizely: “I have an idea – why don’t they build a college on that site?”

Jackie Cross: “I’ll miss it because not many places in Swindon offer discount for veterans and do good food.”

David Charter: “If Nando’s go as well then that is an empty development.

“Swindon is not small and it’s ever expanding. Plus it’s quite affluent. 

“So to have a completely empty complex is quite something.”

Theresa Slobodzian Rogan: “Never been so no, I won’t miss it.”

Serghei Sirghii: “No point for Nando’s to remain. Honda will close soon so Swindon will become ghost town.”

Sam O’Donovan: “That was a worthwhile investment of funds. 

“If I recall many people said from the start that this area would not work how they had envisaged it.

“Sad news about Prezzo though and the staff it will impact.”

Jenna Palmer: “Such a great investment. Almost completely empty. What remains?”

Richard Smart: “A mini hospital or major walk-in centre dentist should go there.”

Mark Jefferies: “Should have never built the white elephant.”

Sam Rose: “None of that should have been built there in the first place, especially the supermarket. 

“Move it all to the bottom of the town and modernise the old buildings. There are enough of them and offices.”

Simon Batchelor: “Such a shame, I liked the idea of the cinema and places to eat.

“But when push comes to shove, parking is free and easy out of town.”

Karolina Kubiak: “All that remains is to demolish this building.”

Dayna Skittrall: “Wow. Was only saying yesterday it’s one of the only ones open.”

Jamie Gibbs: “Running expenses too high and not enough custom. Inevitable. 

“Just have done with it and build more houses there.”

Susan Patterson: “We need a concert hall there.”

Andrew Clarke: “The whole development was doomed to fail. 

“The car park was expensive and to top it off you couldn’t pay by card. 

“I’m amazed that the businesses here never offered a refund for the parking or money off the bill. 

“When you have Greenbridge and Shaw Ridge round the corner that offer free parking, and the large supermarkets offering free parking, it’s no wonder it was doomed. It’s a shame.”

Phil Titcombe: “Just seems that whole place has been a waste of money.”

Emma Toogood: “All the places are closing but they are building more and more houses. 

“Why don’t they stop building houses and spend money on buildings that could be fit for purpose?”

David Bennett: “When Morrisons closed, it was likely that other places would follow. 

“Lots of people complain about paid parking and business rates.”

Paul Holloway: “What a total waste of money, all the area.”

Jim Stuart Baker: “Waste of money on the new boulevard at the bottom of town too. 

“Supposedly it’s to encourage more people into the town. There won’t be a lot left.”