This is the photograph of cash found on teen cannabis dealer Kurtis Knee's mobile phone. 

The image was one of a number found on the 19-year-old's mobile by police. Others showed cannabis deals, with the pictures suspected by prosecutors to have been used to advertise his product. 

This Is Wiltshire:

Kurtis Knee Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

Knee was sentenced to 10 months' custody at Swindon Crown Court on Friday. It was the second time he'd been in trouble for dealing cannabis. You can read our report from the sentencing hearing here.

Sending the young man into custody, Recorder Roger Harris said: “I have considered whether it is suspended but have decided that only an immediate custodial sentence would be appropriate in the present case.”

The Crown Prosecution Service subsequently released the image of what appeared to be a white man holding the large wad of £10 and £20 notes. It was not said in court last week whether the notes were Knee's. 

This Is Wiltshire:

A photograph of a wad of banknotes found on Kurtis Knee's phone Picture: CPS WESSEX