Brexit baloney and an illusion of sovereignty

What a clever strategy!

The Government, knowing full well that this self-inflicted Brexit baloney was a rubbish decision, is now trying hard to make the life of normal British folk as miserable as possible.

Sooner or later the so-called will of the people will be exhausted and the people will want another will so as to resume normal service rather than the costly illusion of sovereignty.

This time don’t forget the third box, which the majority would have ticked in June 2016, namely “don’t know.”

Richard Sewerniak


Help for needy families

As the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns continue, more and more vulnerable children and young people are feeling the effects including, fear, uncertainty and isolation.

As a consequence of the pandemic we are seeing a generation of the most vulnerable children experiencing escalating mental health issues, and spiralling levels of poverty and deprivation, with many families now struggling to cope.

As one of the largest children’s charities, Barnardo’s are asking people to donate what would have been the cost of their usual daily commute or coffee to support these children and their families, so they can deal with the immediate challenges they are facing today.

We can support them with vital living requirements, like food vouchers, paying for heating and electricity (especially in the recent very cold temperatures), affording data so children can keep up with school work online, and having access to counselling and other services support when they need it.

A week’s worth of coffees could mean a week’s worth of food for a child.

With your help we can deliver the practical and emotional support families in crisis need.

You can help by supporting our Children in Crisis Appeal today via Barnardo’s Just Giving Page

Sarah Crawley


Barnardo's Cymru and South West