Police deserve priority Covid vaccinations

The vast majority of people who face a statistically life-threatening threat from Covid have had the first vaccination.

But with infection numbers on the rise again in Swindon, there can be no complacency.

People must obey the Covid laws. Those that don't put themselves, the general public and our Police officers at risk‎ who are summoned to enforce these laws.

It was sensible to vaccinate those at greatest risk.

But I begin to wonder whether the vaccination further roll out‎ is vaccinating people in the right order.

Our Police officers put themselves at risk. They know that. They deserve our respect and admiration.‎

They also deserve the physical equipment and legal protection that we can give them in doing their difficult jobs.

Why then are they not a priority for vaccination? They should be.

I call on the Government to think again and vaccinate our Police.

I also urge my fellow Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner candidates and the wider public to back my call.‎

Our brave police officers deserve nothing less.

Liz Webster

Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Wiltshire and Swindon

A leisure centre to be proud of but not in Swindon

The utter mess SBC have made of the contractual arrangements for the running of the Oasis, is only emphasised by Wiltshire CC spending £2.6 million refurbishing the Cricklade Leisure Centre to give the people of Cricklade a facility to be proud of!

Come on SBC! Sort it out!

Alex Wilkinson

By email

Vaccination awayday

A necessary unnecessary journey. Or is that an unnecessary necessary journey?

My over-60 year old husband has been invited to have his Covid-19 vaccination.

I was thrilled. And then he went online to book it. He can go to 20 different towns and cities for it.

How about a day in Bournemouth, Bristol, Oxford, Worcester, Buckingham, Salisbury or Southampton he asks. My question is, how do they (having large populations themselves) have the capacity to fit him in, but not Swindon?

Oh, and we have an SN1 postcode and he would walk to the Steam Museum.

I'm packing a picnic for a grand day out...

Lynda Meheran

Goddard Avenue