The following planning application have been decided by Wiltshire Council recently:

Coombe Bissett: Planning permission has been refused to Salarian Homes. The property company had bid to redevelop an outbuilding at Greenacres Farm, Rockbourne Road into a residential property, complete with an “amenity area” and parking.

The site for the proposed home is the current location of a barn within the farm. It was noted that the barn served little agricultural merit and is used now to store farm machinery. The bid sought planning permission for the conversion of the barn into a three-bedroom house.

In their decision report, Wiltshire Council’s planning officers wrote that because of the proposal’s siting in the open countryside of an AONB, and the lack of justification given for the property’s need, it was refused.

They added: “The proposed conversion works would not appear to result in a demonstrable enhancement to the landscape impact of the building, and may result in the future requirement for additional replacement outbuildings for storage associated with this proposal, which could result in a cluttered and overdeveloped site to the detriment of the immediate area and within the open countryside of the AONB.

“Consequently, based on the information provided, the proposal is likely to cause harm to the landscape character of the wider AONB.”

Sherston: Eleanor Lines of 2 High Street has won her planning bid to build a kitchen and rear extension on to her property.

Netherhampton: Hibberd Development Company have secured planning permission to convert former farm buildings at Netherhampton farm into 20 flats. Planning permission for the project was originally given in 2018, however, the demolition that needs to take place on the site is considered to go beyond that of the original bid. This newly-greenlit proposal represents the reconstruction of parts of the historic buildings and a significant element of new build.

Corsham: Cotswold Homes has been granted planning permission to build 13 houses on land off Potley Lane. The application, originally submitted, was for 14 houses and associated works but due to concerns over urban design, the bid was reduced to 13. The revised layout is arranged as a cul-de-sac consisting of 13 two-storey dwellings, some with garaging, and each with associated parking areas and outdoor amenity space. The site is set to be made up of four three-bedroom houses and nine four-bedroom houses.

Corsham Town Council objected to the development on the principle that it would lead to “unacceptable levels of overlooking and loss of privacy” to the existing people living on Portland Rise.

At a town council meeting, one resident spoke about the same issue over privacy, but was equally concerned that the now approved tree planting intended to screen the development could be removed by future occupants.

The resident suggested a change in levels of the site so that the new properties would be lower than those on Portland Rise.

In light of the site being unlikely to deliver the required 30 per cent of affordable housing, a figure of £302,996.55 has been given to the developers to mitigate this.

In their decision, the planning officer concluded: “The proposed development is considered to be acceptable in principle. The design represents the standards expected and, subject to conditions relating to landscaping and material finishes, does not pose any harmful visual impacts.

“There will be some economic benefits from the construction phase through to occupation. Whilst the outlook from some of the properties close to the site will change to some extent, this is not to the detriment of their reasonable living conditions.”

Brinkworth: Mr and Mrs Davies of Southlands, Braydonside have been granted planning permission for a change of use and extension of existing stables. The stables will then be let out to tourists. One condition of the approved bid will have Mr and Mrs Davies keep and maintain an up-to-date register of all of the owners or occupiers of the holiday lets and their main home addresses.

Trowbridge: Mrs Spiers of 16 Chepston Place has won planning permission to build a first-floor extension above the garage and associated works to provide an additional living space at her property.