SPEEDING and dangerous driving have sparked fears for the safety of other drivers and those who live in the area.

Swindon Borough Council put measures in place to control people speeding in Thames Avenue as they installed speed bumps and additional signage last year.

David Styles lives in Thames Avenue and was involved in an accident before these measures were put in place.

The 84-year-old said: “I can just see an accident is going to happen because of people speeding along the road. My heart is in my throat when I see them driving so dangerously, someone could get killed. My car was hit a few years ago because I live on a bend and I was pulling into my driveway, there was a big bang and I thought I’d hit something. A car had hit mine just as I was turning into my drive.

“The speed bumps don’t do much because the minute the cars come off them, the drivers’ foot goes straight down and they speed up. I get nervous driving my car in the area or just crossing the road.”

David wants Swindon Borough Council to change the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph to try and get drivers to slow down.

His neighbour, Pam Ponting, has lived on Thames Avenue for six years and is also concerned with speeding. She told the Adver: “I’ve written to many councillors about the speed bump, I think it’s too far up the road. If it was moved down I think it would help slow them down because there’s a stretch of road after the bump for them to speed back up. I’ve seen some drivers go about 50 or 60 mph.

“It’s awful trying to cross the road here, you’re taking your life into your hands and hoping you don’t get hit by these dangerous drivers. Elderly people especially can’t move across the road very quickly, it’s concerning."

She would like to see another speed bump and a zebra crossing put in place.

Councillor David Renard, who represents the Haydon Wick ward, explained that he drives in this area often and hasn't noticed an issue since the safety measures were put in place. He said: “Residents who live in this area have been expressing concerns about the speed of traffic on this stretch of Thames Avenue for some time and asking for measures to be put in place to improve safety and their quality of life; so this scheme has come forward in response to that demand and concerns of local residents.

“The scheme was drawn up by professional Highway officers which meets all the relevant laws and guidance. A full consultation took place last year with residents living in the vicinity and all interested stakeholders including all the ward councillors, Greenmeadow Primary School and the Road Safety Officer."

A Swindon Borough Council spokesperson added: “The site of the speed humps came following direct consultation with people living in the area and a road safety audit has taken place.

“There are no current plans to relocate them but we will continue to monitor the traffic in the area and any comments received.

“Anyone who witnesses speeding or dangerous driving should report it to Wiltshire Police.”

People living in the area are being urged to call 101 if they see anyone speeding or driving dangerously.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “Whilst we know the majority of road users abide by the law and drive safely, there is a small minority who continue to be a danger.

“We will continue to target those speeding, with it being one of the fatal four factors that increases the likelihood of a road traffic collision resulting in serious injury or worse, a fatality.

“At the beginning of this year, alongside officer’s regular duties, there was a proactive push in addressing the community concerns around a perceived decline in road safety which included 130-speed checks during a six-week period across Wiltshire.

“We welcomed back the volunteers of the Community Speed Watch Scheme at the end of March, with lockdown restrictions ending, and they are now supported by a new enforcement officer to add more weight to their fantastic work."