Nearly 300 people have signed a petition to cut speeding through the village of Avebury.

The parish wants Wiltshire Council to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph on the A4361 from the Beckhampton roundabout and northwards from Avebury towards Winterbourne Monkton.

The village has recently been given Marlborough area board funding to buy speed indicator equipment.

But it wants more.

Citing reasons for launching the petition, parish chair Stephen Stacey said: "The life of a young man, killed at the wheel of his car in January 2021, probably as a result of his vehicle leaving the road and striking an unprotected tree, might have been spared had there been a lower speed limit."

He said residents are keen to improve perceived road safety, especially on a stretch of the A4361 that includes poorly sighted turns out of and into Trusloe and at the entrance to the National Trust car park.

He also noted that Avebury now attracts upwards of 350,000 visitors annually, many crossing at undesignated and unprotected crossing points.