Time for 'sad excuse' for Prime Minister to go

Well, it's all finally coming out now, isn't it. The Prime Minister, has been revealed as the utter, uncaring, charlatan, that we so-called 'Remoaners' always knew that he was!

The deaths of over 127,000 UK citizens, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, appear to matter not a jot to Boris! He is reported as saying that "he'd rather see bodies pile in their thousands than do a third lockdown"!

Utterly disgraceful - it's now time for this clown to go - and time for everyone to remember this sad excuse for a PM of the UK, when they next go to the polls!

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road


Enough of the gravy train imposters

My grandfather who at seventeen, lied about his age to fight for our country at the Somme. Had us all standing to attention in front of the old black and white 14 inch TV. When they used to play the national anthem.

He told me to always use my vote as that is what many of his brothers in arms had died for.

Since reaching voting age I have never missed a council or general election vote.

However on May, come the local elections in Swindon.I shall go down to St Pauls in Covingham take my ballot paper and write. None of the above, and then sign the ballot paper.

The sleaze and lies emanating from Ten Downing Street.Too numerous to mention .

The disgraceful unwarranted constrictions on our ever day life’s during this Covid fiasco.The scandalous rise in council tax. The BBC licence imposed on the over seventy fives.When many cannot afford it.

People losing their homes to pay for relatives in care .I have had enough of all of these posturing self interested gravy train imposters from all parties with few exceptions. Calling themselves politicians at local and national level .

Time we all made a stand.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way