Proud parents have shared with us their new arrivals!

In this edition, baby Aurora arrived 10 weeks premature and Gareth and Kimberley Breen are happy to announce the birth of their firstborn Madelynn.

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This Is Wiltshire: Madelynn

Gareth and Kimberley Breen welcomed baby Madelynn just over a week ago, and say she has a good little appetite already.

This Is Wiltshire: Kaiden

Little Kaiden Cobb was born to Clare Smith and Joe Cobb on April 7, after a very quick labour.  

This Is Wiltshire: Aurora

Baby Aurora was born 10 weeks premature to dad Tony Peters and mum Liz Reeves, now weighing 4lb 7oz.

This Is Wiltshire: Harnidh

Big brother Kirat welcomes baby Harnidh, who arrived a bit later than expected to Sandy and Amandeep Saini. As Harnidh's grandparents couldn't make it to the UK because of the pandemic, they are so grateful to family friends who stepped in to help.