In a plot worthy of The Archers - a shack selling milk from cows farmed in the village of All Cannings is being evicted by the community shop next door.

Now two petitions have been launched. One to save the shed. The other to kick it out.

So far nearly 800 people have signed the one bidding to keep it - despite All Cannings having a population of just under 700 people.

Only 17 have signed the other one.

The Moo2Yoo milk hut has been given three months notice by the community shop committee, and the future of the shop is up for discussion at this week’s parish council.

But the move has prompted outcry - with dozens of letters being pinned to the shack walls.

“The milk hut has been a God send throughout lockdown,” said supporter Tim Daw. “They opened up just as lockdown happened, just over a year ago. It has been a wonderful community asset.”

The pro petition says:

“Those signing this petition request that the All Cannings village shop shareholders take a re-vote and vote for what we, the community, want.

“We want our Moo2Yoo milk hut to stay. Please. We love the fact that the milk comes from the farm in All Cannings where the cows graze in fields around us in All Cannings.”

The rival bid says it fully supported local farmers, doing their bit to make a difference for the environment, however this appeal of low-impact milk is entirely redundant when noting the 300 cars a day coming to the village from over 20 miles away.

It added that the entrance to the village shop, shared with pre-school children is on a blind corner and many residents have witnessed or experienced near-misses due to the volume of traffic.

Twenty two shareholders of the community shop voted to axe the milk hut. Chair Peter Cooper said: “The main reason was that the milk hut has generated an unacceptable level of additional traffic through the village and in and out of the Village Hall Car Park.

“However, the committee has asked me to make it clear that the Community Shop Society remains proud to have been associated with bringing Moo2Yoo’s milk hut to the village and sincerely hopes that it will find a way to continue”

Moo2You is run by local farmers Chrissie and Matt Crossman who came to manage the farm three years ago.

"We've been absolutely overwhelmed with support and can't thank everyone enough," said Chrissie.

"We'd like to re-assure our wonderful customers that we will continue to provide our fresh milk and support our community, no matter where the milk hut may be located in the future."

Last year, in the height of lockdown she told the Gazette and Herald that the move to install the shed was a big decision.

"We had been thinking about the vending machine for some time, as it is a big investment, because we also needed to buy processing equipment to pasteurise the milk.

Amber Fichter was filling up her milk bottles on a weekly trip to the All Cannings vending machine when we caught up with her.

"I love coming here. The milk is really fresh and so creamy. We come over from Potterne each week to use it. There is always a queue here, so its obviously really popular."