THE highly-popular farm shop at Neston has fallen victim to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

The farm shop and kitchen owners say they have decided to close it indefinitely. The premises will now be used by a Bath-based children's nursery.

Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen offered visitors a butchers, delicatessen, farm shop and a kitchen with a cafe.

In a statement on its website, the Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen said: "Due to the current climate and following the guidance recently published we have decided to close our business indefinitely. Our sister site, Hartley Farm, and our online shop remain open."

The farm shop and kitchen on the Bath Road at Atworth had been open for many years and were highly popular.

Lesley Symons, posting a message on the Atworth Village Facebook page, said: "I am sure Neston Farm Shop will make a lovely nursery but personally I am very sad it will no longer be a restaurant/cafe/children's play area. It was our favourite place for brunch, taking the grandchildren, meeting friends for coffee, lunch etc."

Becka Davey Bristow added: "Really wish they had opened it again to give it a chance. I am sure they would have had a lot of support!"

The premises will now be occupied by the Neston Farm Children's Nursery, which also has two nurseries at Oldfield Road and at Midford Road in Bath.

They said: "We are very excited to be opening a new nursery in Neston in Spring 2021.

"Neston Farm is set in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, surrounded by fields and open space.

"We strongly believe that children do not need to be taught, but rather that they need to be developed through inspiring, child-led play."

They also have an allotment at Combe Down in Bath, which the children help to maintain and help to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.