A WROUGHTON dairy is using glass bottles for new doorstep deliveries after a gap of nearly 20 years.

The move is in answer to demand from customers for more sustainability and a move away from plastic.

Glass bottles were the norm when Berkeley Farm Dairy started doing rounds in 1908. They were stopped in 2003 because of falling demand.

But now the company started by the Gosling family has launched a new service called 10 Green Bottles, covering Wroughton, Wichelstowe and Old Town.

Ed Gosling told the Adver: “Historically, we were delivering milk around Wroughton and Swindon with horse and carts when the farm was started over 100 years ago.

“We wanted to get back to our roots, and that’s why we launched 10 Green Bottles. It’s a service we used to provide, but a more modern version of it with a few traditional elements.

“We are still using the electric milk float, which is being charged by solar panels on the roof of our building.

He explained: “The whole process to start this service up again started a couple of years ago. People’s lifestyles are shifting because they’re concerned for the environment.

“I think all the information that’s been made available with documentaries like Blue Planet, it has changed people’s consumer habits.

“We’re also giving 10 per cent of our profits to a company called Plant Your Future, which works in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru to train farmers not to do slash and burn. It’s all about maintaining soil health and planting trees."

It cost the business around £120,000 to buy the machinery and to get the service up and running, although the launch was delayed by the pandemic lockdown and because a grant fell through.

The hope is deliveries could be extended further afield if the service proves popular enough.

Ed said: “If it all goes well, we’re looking to expand to Chiseldon, Marlborough, Faringdon, and Highworth. So far, people have loved the products, the way it looks and tastes."

To find out more visit www.10green.co.uk