Potentially lethal anti-4x4 traps have been found on Salisbury plain near Erlestoke.

Police are warning people to take extra care after the metal 'stingers' with sharp spikes were left in deep ruts made by vehicles on the plain.

These were found by walkers, submerged under water.

They alerted police concerned that other walkers, horse riders and dogs using the area could be seriously injured.

Police have asked people to be vigilant and to report any further sightings to them via 101.

Off-road vehicles have been front and centre of a row with other users of the Plain.

Last November, a rogue group of 'green laners' left Wiltshire people fearing for their lives after “dangerously” overtaking each other on shared paths.

An MOD spokeswoman told the Gazette: “We are grateful to the majority of those who access Salisbury Plain Training Area for doing so responsible and in accordance with the byelaws.

“We encourage estate users to report illegal activity. Call 999 for emergencies, but for other suspected illegal activity on Salisbury Plain Training Area, contact the Ministry of Defence Police on 01371 854444. A detachment is permanently based on Salisbury Plain and will respond.”