The Ashford Road Club has had a massive revamp to celebrate its 125 year anniversary.

The club was established back in 1896 as a Working Men's Club for men to meet and talk.

It is run on a voluntary basis, with many members chipping in to help renovate the club ahead of its opening.

This Is Wiltshire:

Club secretary Jennifer Brownley says: "We believe the Ashford as its now known was registered as Ashford Road Working Men’s Club in March 1896, and we were the 493rd club to be registered.

"Prior to 1899, we were in another building, but there was a fire there and it burnt down. We moved into our current building on Ashford Road and purchased the land back in 1899 for £600.

"The club is actually owned outright by the members. That's part of how we've survived, with not having to pay rental fees."

She says it was only in the 1970s that women and children were allowed to join: "Before that, it was always women and children upstairs and men downstairs."

Records show that the club used to have its own Ashford Road Coin minted.

There are also documents showing that the skittle alley at the 'workmen's club' dates back to 1896.

The North Wilts Herald reported on some 'local intelligence' in October 1898: "By kind permission of the officers of Ashford Road Club, a friendly match was played between G Shop Loco and Carriage Fitting Shop on Friday night, and ended in a win for the G Shop by 30 pins.

"After the match the Ashford Road Club entertained the teams to supper, an enjoyable evening being spent."

This Is Wiltshire:

Jennifer also learnt that the club's original plaque has historic value, so a replica has been made and the original plaque taken indoors for display.