Ludicrous housing plan for Shrivenham Road

Regarding this latest development in Highworth, I moved there in 1976 and yes it was a new build.

Back then I could leave my house at 8.15 and be at my desk in Shrivenham Rd by 8.30 including parking the car.

Without being labelled a nimby this scheme is ludicrous for the following reasons:

If travelling by car from Lechlade drivers will have to negotiate three roundabouts - Haresfield, Fox, and the new one currently being constructed at the Redlands development, together with the pedestrian lights and main lights in between before they reach Supermarine.

I haven't even thrown the new houses to be built art 12 Oaks golf club into the equation and how access to and from there will be achieved.

This log jam will back up traffic causing Roundhills Mead and Brewery St to be used as a rat run ( which it already is), further backing up traffic waiting at the Fox roundabout to join the A361. 2)

At the same time school run mums/dads will be attempting to drop kids off at Southfield and Warneford schools (some are bussed in).

This approach road is already down to a single lane due to residents parking outside their homes before the entrance to Warneford school.

Simultaneously traffic from Wrag View(the new build)will be attempting to travel in the opposite direction to the Fox roundabout.

This will lead to many of those newbies (including those who already do) turning left and going via Sevenhampton - a route already subject to traffic calming and not designed to carry heavy through traffic.

Chaos and gridlock can only ensue and the bus timetable might as well be chucked on the bonfire.

Mercifully, being retired I won't have to join the melee.

Malcolm Martin

Wessex Way

No bright future for Oasis, just farce

It should come as no surprise to your readers that Coun David Renard is quietly washing his hands of any responsibility for the Oasis leisure centre (SA 9 June). Swindon residents should not be fooled by promises and assurances made by local or national politicians.

The current situation of the Oasis has its genesis in 2012 when Coun Keith Williams said of the tie up with a previous developer “I have no doubt whatsoever that the future for the Oasis is now very bright".

The very same Coun Williams later expanded his statement and claimed the arrangement with GLL “...secures investments for these sites which could not happen if they remained in public ownership.”

Councillors entered into a farcical arrangement with Seven Capital offering them a 99 year lease on land which has yet to see a single shovel put to work, a company which clearly has no intention of doing anything with the Oasis beyond allowing it to deteriorate and them claiming it would too expensive to refurbish.

The next time a councillor tells you that they are committed to providing leisure facilities in our town, remember the Oasis, once referred to as the jewel in the crown, and an essential destination for visitors to the town. Coun Renard is very articulate and talks a good game, but his administration’s performance in regenerating the town can best be described as woeful.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


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