THE decision to delay the lifting of lockdown restrictions has divided Adver readers.

Some did not enjoy the thought of waiting longer to take off their masks and stop social distancing while others opted for a 'better safe than sorry' perspective.

A poll on the Adver website showed just how split opinion is on the subject. Out of 180 votes, 63 per cent said they were fine with the delay, 34 per cent thought the lockdown had gone on long enough already, two per cent were unsure how to feel about the situation, and one per cent of those who responded worried the delay would affect their business.

Meanwhile, a heated debate on social media saw those for and against the delay put forward their best arguments.

Kelly Eatwell said: "It's good. The cases are rising and I would prefer to wait a bit longer than having to go in too lockdown. All the difference is night clubs opening and no face mask."

Tracy Logan said: "What happens when the next variant comes, we going to hide and close everything again? It's not going away, we just have to get on with our lives and accept that."

Samantha Marlowe said: "I don't mind. I'm able to see my friends and family now. I'll carry on being careful until I've had both my vaccines anyway."

Philip Musty said: "I want to say goodbye to those dreadful masks."

Andrea Silva said: "Do what’s needed to protect and save lives."

Gail Fisher said: "Time to open everything, lose masks, drop social distancing, offer free hugs."

Linda Lee said: "Compared to the last year we can do a lot already. Better to wait a few more weeks so more can be vaccinated."

Hayley Leinster-Poole said: " I would mind very much. The majority of people that want the vaccine have had it, those that haven’t been offered it yet are not considered vulnerable."

Bernadette Wardell said: "If it means we can all be safe, what's a few weeks?"

Kingston Fernandes said: "Rather delay now than cry further down the line."