Situation is verging on the ridiculous

Go around all parts of Swindon and you’ll see grass verges and green spaces destroyed by vehicles parking on them.

The ploughing championships now take place across the town rather than in the surrounding countryside.

The council now tell us that they don’t have enough money to address the problem in full. Where have we heard that one before? 

But they have allowed it to happen rather than tackle the problem head-on, after motorists first started doing it a few years ago. 

Consequently, a lot of areas are now in a complete and utter mess and they look absolutely terrible!

I often wonder what sort of impression it leaves somebody with, especially after visiting the town for the first time. I dread to think.

I’ve travelled extensively across Europe and a lot of towns/cities have similar parking issues as well. It’s certainly not unique in Swindon or the UK at all.

Across Europe, you won’t see vehicles parked on grass verges or spaces. Their local councils take pride in the appearance of their town/city and community and simply don't allow it. And if you did, you’ll been fined. Simple as.

Sadly, our council, like many others, has given motorists the ‘green’ light, excuse the pun, to continue to park where they want.

Add to that the problem of fly-tipping and the amount of discarded litter our town looks awful.

Highway Code rules mean you cannot park on double yellow lines but a lot of motorists do. All three are offences and if caught are liable to a fine.

Sadly, the council don’t seem interested in these either as I cannot remember the last time I saw an enforcement officer on duty around Swindon.

Sadly, the problems and overall appearance of the town will continue to deteriorate day by day.

The council's lack of interest in tackling these issues is partly to blame, along with those motorists who couldn't care less, as long as they can park right outside where they live.

Alan Wilson 



Museum closure would be cultural vandalism

I LEARN with astonishment that just after deciding to make a bid for city status once again, Conservative councillors are now proposing to close Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and put all the exhibits into storage for eight years. Surely this is some kind of joke?

Is it likely that if we failed in our bids to become a city before, we will be more successful once we have closed down the museum and art gallery and put this important collection of modern art into storage?

I cannot see such wanton cultural vandalism being rewarded.
If a city status bid is to be successful, the residents of Swindon need to be behind the bid and to be proud of their town.  

The proposal to close the museum and art gallery will only make us all ashamed to admit we are Swindonians.  

Save the museum and drop the bid for city status.  Instead spend the money being spent on the bid reopening the museum and making the it more accessible to all residents, and the town a better place for all.  

Anne Bennett

Old Town