WEARING a mask is no longer legally required, though many people will continue to have them on as a precaution.

Several Adver readers explained why they will keep using the protective face covering in enclosed spaces, while others took the restrictions lifting as a sign that it was safe to take them off.

Terry Sargent said: "Time will tell - just because there is an easing of restrictions doesn’t mean this virus has gone away.

"It’s down to personal choice and I will continue to follow the medical and scientific advice."

Sarah Taylor said: "Government says it's safe and brought us fully out of everything, so strip the rubbish off and chuck them in the bin."

Debbie Edwards said: "Just been to Asda at the Orbital and I’d say more than 90 per cent of people were wearing masks."

Marisa Valadas said: "I will only use it in closed places with a lot of people because masks are only to protect others, but with masks or without masks, I hope people continue to keep their distance."

Jon Pierce said: "I'm wearing it in shops as before. Covid is still out there so I'm protecting myself and those around me, also social distancing still where possible.

"Just because the restrictions have been lifted doesn't mean that we should forget it about it. Look at the previous easing of lockdowns, everyone suddenly goes out without a care and the numbers increase."

Patrick Connolly said: "There are far to many selfish people who don’t follow the rules, people have been deleting the NHS Covid app so they don’t get pinged and told to isolate.

"So I will avoid contact with anyone as much as possible and where I have no option, I will wear a mask and keep social distancing."

Jayson Bayliffe said: "I'm keeping them on in respect for others."

Judy Sheppard said: "I will wear mine in shops and on buses. I went to Morrisons and everybody was wearing one."

Nanny Silver said: "Whatever was out there that needed us to wear a mask up to yesterday, is still out there today. It hasn’t disappeared overnight."

Ryan Kirby had a different view: "Never wore one and never will, just tell people you're exempt, they cant say otherwise."

Anna Addams replied: "People that say they’re exempt when they’re not are just invalidating people with legitimate medical exemptions, which is absolutely disgusting."

Allan Hussey said: "Surely it's a case of whether or not you feel safe to keep wearing one, not that you're being told to."