IF you're keeping items like knuckledusters, throwing stars and zombie knives at home get rid of them now.

It's now illegal to keep them in private following changes to the law brought about by the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

The Act now includes an updated definition of flick knives to reflect changes in weapon designs, and a ban on private possession of flick knives and gravity knives.

The new legislation is designed to give police further powers to help deter young people from becoming involved in knife possession and knife crime.

Later in the year the Act will bring in important developments to help police address the growing issue of online sales of knives.

The new law will also place responsibility onto delivery firms to conduct age verification at point of delivery.

Supt Phil Staynings said: “We welcome any legislation which will assist us in tackling violent crime, particularly where it can help stop young people getting hold of knives or other dangerous weapons.

“While the vast majority of young people in Wiltshire are not involved in this type of activity, we know it is something which our communities are concerned about and we are continuously working with partners to prevent the small minority becoming drawn into violent crime.”