Thoughtless drivers are blocking disabled people from getting into the hospital building by parking in front dropped kerbs.

The drop off area at the Great Western Hospital leads directly onto the entrance courtyard, but often fills up quickly with people picking up, or dropping others off. And disabled campaigners say it leads to cars being parked in front of the access ramps.

Paula Wheeler, from Covingham has difficulty walking and relies on a wheelchair to get around.

She said: “My husband and I struggled last week because a driver parked there and refused to move. Getting the wheelchair across the ramp area is a nightmare because people just have no consideration and park right across the area.”

Another who only wanted to be identified as Tyler told the Adver he had problems entering and leaving the hospital. “I was there for a CT Scan on my spine, at the time I was struggling with spinal issues that meant I couldn’t walk very far so I was in a wheelchair.”

“I got out of my car and got in my chair, as I came to the hospital there was a taxi in front. He looked at me and didn’t move, so I had to go further down the path and up another drop curb.

“Because of how inexperienced I was in a wheelchair it took me a while and I was almost late for my appointment. On the way out it was a completely different car and they didn’t seem interested in moving at all.”

A hospital spokesperson said patrols of the area would be stepped up. “We regularly patrol all car parking areas on our site and this has not been raised as a significant issue but we will increase patrols to monitor this.”

Visitors who encounter these issues are also encouraged to raise problems with staff at the hospital