AS WELL as announcing their new trophy in honour of former chairman of governors John Parker (see page 3), Nursteed Community Primary School are also saying a fond farewell to two very valued members of staff.

Caretaker Reg Rebbeck and Pippa Thomas, who most recently covered the Pluto and Neptune class, have enjoyed their final week at the school.

The pair both spoke of the “special feeling” created at the small school that, despite its young age, has already made such a huge impact on the community.

Reg has been there since the school first opened in 2002 and has been keeping things safe, well maintained and in good working order ever since.

This Is Wiltshire:

“The head at the start asked if I could come over and take a look at a couple things,” said Reg. “I didn’t even know what a caretaker was or what to expect. But I gave it a go and ended up staying. And it’s been great.”

As well as more stereotypical jobs as a caretaker, he’s also put up the school’s special mosaic depictions of a White Horse, fed a whole host of class fish and crafted bonfires.

He has worked alongside three headteachers and countless other staff who have come and gone over the years, leaving just two of the original team still at the school.

Headteacher Kay Vousden said: ‘Reg is such an amazing person to work with. No job is too much for him and he spots things that need doing way before everyone else. We are not quite sure how we will manage without him, he leaves big shoes to fill.”

Meanwhile, Pippa has been integral in growing the outdoor learning opportunities for the school during her time there.

This Is Wiltshire:

She had been substituting at various schools in the area over the years but made the decision to work solely at Nursteed.

“It is a brilliant environment here,” she said. “There really is a sense of community, it’s a very special school.”

While Reg and Pippa missed out on seeing their colleagues and classes as much as they’d have liked during the last year, they were still able to come together in a special ceremony last week to say farewell.