SWINDON Greyhounds Stadium is set to receive significant investment into prize money and financial support for greyhound trainers and owners.

Greyhound Media Group announced that Swindon alongside three other stadiums in Sheffield, Kinsley and Yarmouth will see a significant increase in prize money from September 1, with financial support offered during this month.

The news comes after discussions with Arena Racing Company.

Spokesperson for GMG, Clarke Osborne said: “We have been working closely with ARC to enable this significant increase in prize money.

“Each of our member racecourses will be communicating with their contracted trainers during the next week, to set-out the new structures which are underpinned by significant increases in the run money paid.

“Everyone connected with our racecourses has come together during the unprecedented circumstances of the last 18 months and we are grateful for their hard work and support.”