RESIDENTS of Bradford on Avon are being consulted on plans for a new community facility at Culver Close.

The new pavilion would be shared by the town's sports clubs and other organisations using the Culver Close recreation ground and Victory Field playing area.

The plans were unveiled at a two-hour long public consultation held at St Margaret's Hall on Saturday. For those unable to attend, Bradford on Avon Town Council has produced a slide presentation and a questionnaire.

Cllr Sarah Gibson, the mayor of Bradford on Avon, said that plans to improve sports facilities at Culver Close have been put on hold until residents have been consulted on the new facilities proposed.

She said: "We are keen to hear views from all the residents and this consultation event is following on from engagement that has already taken place with some of the official groups that use the spaces and the buildings on the site."

One of the key elements of the plans is a proposal to create a new community facility that can be used by sports clubs and other organisations, such as scouts and youth clubs.

The new pavilion would house cricket club changing facilities, toilets, storage rooms, and hospitality/function rooms that could be booked by local sports and other community groups.

Cllr Gibson said: "It is the council's view that any changes must preserve the rich diversity of activities taking place on the site, as well as giving the opportunity for additional uses."

At last week's full council meeting, Cllr Gibson apologised for the mix-up over a recent application for a permanent structure for three cricket lanes.

The application was submitted by Bradford on Avon Cricket Club, whose team captain, Cllr Jack Vittles, sits on the town council.

The plans for a four-metre high metal structure with a three-lane artificial cricket net were withdrawn after furious residents protested.

One resident, Alan Roland-Price, said: “Can the council please advise how a planning application for a permanent structure to be built at Culver Close recreation ground was submitted to Wiltshire Council without the apparent knowledge, approval or recommendation of town councillors?

“Also, who was responsible for authoring this application being submitted and what has been done to ensure this apparent by-passing of procedure does not happen again?”

Cllr Gibson said: “The application, as it is on our land, will have to come back to committee before it goes any further.

“The cricket club are holding a small consultation to explain their side of the situation so that people can see what their aims and aspirations are and gauge public support, or not, for the alternatives.

“I think that anything that is ill-prepared or not well discussed prior to any decision-making is a huge mistake and definitely not something we should be doing.”

The cricket club wants to install a permanent structure for cricket lanes so that its members can practice bowling and batting.

But people living nearby on Frome Road and Barton Close protested about the loss of green space and said it was too close to the main road.

One resident, Mike Derrick said the town council had failed to follow the “proper procedures” with the plans.