PREGNANT women are being urged to get their Covid-19 vaccine and limit the risk of complications.

The call comes after Great Western Hospital saw an increase in pregnant women needing treatment for Covid-19 – some of whom have been treated in in intensive care. 

A GWH spokeswoman said: “We would strongly urge anyone who is pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, to have their vaccine as soon as possible. 

“Evidence shows that the vaccine is effective in reducing the risks for both mother and baby.”

Chief executive Kevin McNamara said evidence shows the vaccine works. 

He said: “Sadly, we are also seeing a number requiring intensive care due to the virus, 

“Receiving treatment for Covid can be incredibly worrying time for our patients and their families, and I’d like to use this opportunity to urge people to get vaccinated. 

“The evidence is showing us that the vaccine works – people who are vaccinated are not becoming as unwell with the virus and do not often need the same level of intensive care as those who have not yet taken up the offer of a vaccine. 

“Like health and social care in general, our urgent and emergency care servies are also remaining extremely busy.”

The hospital is seeing more than 350 people attending the emergency department and urgent treatment centre every day. 

He added: “Our staff go over and above to support our patients and make sure that everyone who comes through our doors receives the care they need, but the rise in numbers is concerning for us, and we do not want to risk the hospital becoming overwhelmed.

“This would also have a knock-on effect on our services run across the community and the wider NHS as a whole, particularly the (South Western) ambulance trust and it’s not a position we want to find ourselves in as we are already under significant pressure.”