A sweary and sozzled version of one of Shakespeare's best known romantic plays rolls onto the stage at the Wyvern on October 18.

The retelling of Romeo and Juliet features one cast member chosen at random and given four hours to get very drunk before the curtain goes up.

The cast's attempt to navigate a serious adaptation of the play and one drunk performer has won an international following and awards. The Evening Standard reviewer said: "There is no doubt this is a hoot to watch."

Performed by Sh!tfaced Shakespeare, The play focuses on a vendetta between two families that erupts into bloodshed after one young man falls in love with a girl from the other.

The star-struck lovers hatch a cunning plan to defy their relatives and get married, but it goes wrong and tragedy strikes.

Audiences are promised a night of fun and are warned to expect a lot of swearing.

Tickets are available from swindontheatres.co.uk or by calling he box office on 0343 310 0040.