AN investigation has been launched after homophobic abuse was written in the sand at Swindon’s Abbey Stadium.

Social media users were shocked last weekend when the Swindon Greyhounds Twitter account posted a drone image which showed the words ‘kill all gays’ on the dog racing track.

The organisation quickly apologised for the error and removed the tweet with the offending photo before releasing a statement that said that it was not aware of the message in the photo when it was posted

It added there had been a break-in over the weekend and that four individuals had caused damage to the track and track equipment – including the offensive message scrawled into the track. 

Wiltshire Police confirmed that the incident was reported to them on Wednesday – a few days after the incident allegedly took place.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “I can confirm it was reported to us Wednesday and an investigation will now commence.”

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain slammed the vandalism.

A spokesperson said: “Our whole sport is utterly appalled by this incident. 

“There is simply no place for homophobia within licensed greyhound racing and we will work with the police in whatever way we can as they investigate this incident fully.” 

Swindon Greyhounds declined to comment further on the break-in and message, telling the Adver that it was now a matter for Wiltshire Police.

It's statement at the time of the incident read: “We would like to apologise for a tweet posted this afternoon with an image of vandalism on the track racing surface. 

“Unfortunately the track had been broken into over the weekend with damage to the track equipment and track surface.

“We do not condone the behaviour and track CCTV footage of the four individuals will be sent to the police.

“Apologies to anyone who had seen the tweet and had been caused offence. Thank you to the people who pointed this out quickly so it could be taken down. 

“Regrettably at the time of taking the image we had been unaware of the damage done.”