An Old Town songwriter is injecting life back into the Swindon music scene with the release of his new single.

Jol Rose recorded 'Yesterday's Waltz' in Greenbridge's Earthworm Recording Studio and in his Old Town home studio.

The song, which will feature on Jol's upcoming album, describes a relationship that 'danced through disaster'.

He said: "It's not exactly auto-biographical but as a songwriter you learn to dig into your own experiences as well as seeing and imagining what's happening around you."

"It's been a pleasure to listen to and work with so many local musicians over the past years.

"We're really lucky to have such a great network of performers, producers and engineers - and of course the great variety of live music venues across the town."

Producer Jon Buckett recorded the piano and organ parts and mixed the song.

Jon said: "It's been a tough time for local musicians so it's great to see local performers like Jol back to recording and gigging."