Diane Peplow’s mother Jean has a lifelong love of art, with birds and landscapes among her favourite subjects.

The pair go each week to the Bradenstoke Art Group run by Alzheimer’s Support, one of three in Wiltshire.

“Mum enjoys showing her art work to friends and talking about it. She may not always remember that she’s been to the group, but the happiness she feels there stays with her,” said Diane.

“Mum loves the group and Fran, the artist, is great. She’s very calm and thoughtful and gives the group achievable art to create. Everyone goes quiet as they concentrate and the two hours fly by.

Pam Ollis, the charity’s community services coordinator for North Wiltshire, knows how creative people living with dementia can be – and about the benefits for family carers of a supportive weekly get-together.

She said: “If you’ve got dementia it can sometimes seem like you’ve failed because you can’t understand things and you can’t do things, but we treat everybody in exactly the same way.

"People might come as a couple, but they do something where they’re not just a person with dementia and a carer, they are a couple enjoying an activity together.

"No one is judging you at the art group and everyone is on the same level. We’re not looking for masterpieces, just a piece of work you can complete.”

The charity’s art groups in Bradenstoke, Pewsey and Warminster are each led by an experienced artist and support people with dementia to retain and enjoy their creative skills. Absolute beginners are welcome too.

The groups work in a variety of mediums, including paint, clay and collages and family carers are encouraged to be members in their own right.

The Bradenstoke group’s 20 members are led by artist Fran Young. She said: “Art is a great medium for communication for people with dementia, who can be affected in many different ways.

“Some members can be quite shy at the beginning but after a few months you can see their confidence has increased because they have found something that they are good at and they didn’t know. It doesn’t just have to be about the art though, people can come along for a cup of tea and a chat too.”

Find out more about joining or volunteering at one of Alzheimer’s Support’s art groups alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk/art-groups