THE council’s deputy leader said major roadworks schemes in Swindon are needed to allow the town to grow and prosper. 

Coun Gary Sumner said once they are finished – which should be over by winter – the council won’t be rushing into more seriously disruptive works for a while.

He will present a report to the council’s scrutiny committee which says lessons have been learned by setbacks at Mead Way and the White Hart. 

It also says the works are need to enable Swindon’s expansion and they have to be done now. 

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Sian Glendenning: “Growth of Swindon... really? Have they visited the town centre lately. It’s not going to attract any visitors and if anyone visits now they will be put off visiting again.

“It’s quicker to drive to Bristol than drive from one end of Swindon to the other, as it has been for months.”

Elspeth Hughes: “What growth, the town is snarled up everywhere. The hospital, doctor surgeries, schools are all at capacity of not over subscribed

“Our roads are a disgrace, one enormous pothole rattles the car to bits and affects the balancing of wheels.

“Who suffers? Those living in Swindon paying rates that will be hiked up to support this mayhem.”

Martin Carrigan: “As long as there is enough parking spaces for the increase most houses have on average of two or more cars per household.”

David Woolfenden: “Why can’t we prosper as we are? Continued development doesn’t lead to better, more contented lives but the chaos we are now experiencing.”

Richard Balch: “Swindon is becoming a laughing stock the council needs to look at the town centre and put money into getting a shopping centre and clear away the closed-down shops and clear away the drunks and druggies.

“The thing that needs to go in Swindon are roundabouts and if they look at the White Hart junction they should have just made one straight road and put lights for those coming off the A419 so at least you don’t have a roundabout.

“Growth in Swindon... there’s nothing here until the council starts to look at what Swindon needs, as previously said the shopping centre.We need proper pubs and nightlife in one place – so much easier for the police to police. A nightlife of cinema and restaurants that actually can stay and not have high rents to pay.

“Swindon was a railway town and this really needs to be looked at more and save the Mechanics' and actually get it open to public.”

Paula Joslin: “Building all these new houses but not thought through as roads are not big enough for all the traffic. It’s is so bad.”

Darren Attridge: “It’s been brutal this year for getting around Swindon. You literally cannot go anywhere. Be glad when it’s all finished.”

Simon Batchelor: “Yes the town is growing in terms of housing.

“Yes, that means the infrastructure needs upgrading to cope. No it doesn’t excuse the planning, or probably more significantly the grossly overrunning roadworks that has probably lead to the plan being torn up .

“And no it doesn’t excuse the apparent lack of penalty/consequences on the contractors. It’s like they are running on ‘best efforts’.”

Marie Withers: “I live just outside Swindon and never go into Swindon if I can help it. I go to Faringdon, Carterton or Cirencester to avoid roadworks whenever I need to go to shops.”