Swindon Borough Council leader David Renard told viewers of news channel GB News that fines should be higher for fly-tippers – and that it should be easier to prosecute those who illegally dump rubbish, especially on private land.

Speaking as the Local Government Association's environment spokesman, Coun Renard told host Alastair Stewart: “There should be stronger deterrents. The average fine was £438 for the last year we have figures for and that clearly not a deterrent for unlicensed operators. We have been lobbying government for stiffer penalties.”

Coun Renard said that councils can prosecute those who tip on public land, but if rubbish is dumped on private land it’s up to the landowner to do so.

He added: “The process is costly and laborious with a high burden of proof. We think it should be easier with heavier fines levied as a deterrent.”