At a time when most people in Swindon would've been buying the spookiest costumes it looks like costume shops all around town would've sold out of traditional German garb as hundreds of people descended on Faringdon Park for Oktoberfest.

There were Lederhosen and dirndls aplenty at the festival tent in Faringdon Park on Saturday as people treated themselves to an afternoon or evening of traditional German Oompah music, steins of beer, Bratwurst and most importantly, good old fashioned fun!

The Adver spoke to some of the revellers in the queue before the tent opened the festivities started.

Joe, Tyler and Alex, pictured top left, have talked about going to Munich and enjoying an Oktoberfest in the country of origin for many years

"We've been to a couple of Oktoberfests before and they're always great fun, we've talked for years about actually going to Munich to take part in one there but for now we've gone to them here for the last few years.

"It's our first time coming to one dressed up, it's surprisingly comfortable although we're only really warm from the shins down."

Dan, Cam and Sophie, pictured Top right, were there for their first ever Oktoberfest

"We've never been to one before so this is our first time, but we're really looking forward to it."

A large group, pictured bottom right, had travelled down from Kempsford in the Cotswolds, it was their first time as well.

"Yeah, most of us are Oktoberfest virgins, but we're excited," one of them said.

There were two sessions, an afternoon and an evening one, and the queue to get into the Oktoberfest tent for the latter spanned the entirety of Faringdon Park and took almost over an hour to get everything in safely.

But once inside, the atmosphere was electric and jubilant, everyone was sat in the traditional lines of tables with their beer-in-hand soaking up the Bavarian music and singing along to every German version of classic British karaoke songs.

"It's a really great atmosphere in here, everyone's up for it, everyone's having a good time. It's just what we've all needed after the year we've had," said one party-goer who didn't want to named.

For event director Gareth, Swindon's Oktoberfest marked the end of a tour around the country for him,

"It's been good fun actually, it's been really good to tour around the country and put these events on for people. It's definitely nice to be back in front of large crowds of people having great fun."